The word “process” doesn’t really do it justice. We see it more as the first step towards your success. From the moment of initial contact to the final phase when the investment is made, we strive to make the process as quick, efficient and transparent as possible, based on 6 simple stages:


Initial Contact
Once your materials are received by us and after our initial screening, we set up an introductory meeting at our offices.


Introductory Meeting 
An exciting step of getting to know each other (your team and ours), the introductory meeting allows you to present your idea and learn about how we can advance your venture.



Decision Time

Following the introductory meeting, we further look into and evaluate your venture and its key aspects and ultimately make a decision whether to move on to discussing the investment terms.


Term Sheet
This is where we discuss and agree on the general terms of the investment and shake hands.


OCS Form Approval

The relevant materials are applied for the approval of the Office of the Chief Scientist.



The last stage where the definitive investment agreement is signed and the funds are transferred. 

Lift Off ! Let the adventure begin…