We believe investments obviously have more
than just financial aspects. Therefore, we provide
our entrepreneurs not only with the needed funds,
but also with all the additional essentials to help
make their project as smooth a ride as possible,
so they can concentrate on what they came
here to do: grow their ideas and discoveries
into a successful and profitable company.

We provide:


Initial investment amount of $500K‬


Active board membership


Business and Strategic Guidance

Experienced experts in their respective fields are here to give guidance
and provide ongoing support. 



We can provide the necessary connections to key individuals
and leading high tech companies in relevant industries.


Professional Assistance:
Bookkeeping services
Accounting services
Legal advice


Follow-on investments

Our shareholders are here to continue supporting the projects with follow-on investments.


Administrative Services

Fully equipped office space including IT infrastructure.


Fund Raising

Once you are ready for Round A, we will introduce you to all top class VCs.